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Welcome friends to my online portfolio.

What you are about to see is the result of years of hard work, fearlessness, dedication to my craft, lots of coffee and long days. With my love for hair, makeup and spray tanning,  also my passion for the latest trends, I knew what my calling's were from a young age.

I’m proud to represent mindful, naturally based beauty products that are flawless, fresh, and radiantly timeless. Check out my work below.  

Before you book with me please contact me and we can discuss what your needs are and what times fit our schedule best. Thank you


"Krystal is a force in the industry her energy is explosive and precise, always laughing  Krystal  meets every project with a positive magnetism, inspiring and generating unique ideas "

Tensil Tokyo Magazine

Blow Out

Ryan Shuck

Krystal is AMAZING. fun to work with, very good on the fly, attentive, hard working, and very talented. She was super kind and calm in a stressful video/photoshoot and was able to create looks with zero stress and very little "pre planning". Krystal as able to create some great techniques to execute looks that were literally just an "idea" with no photo reference. Great hair, great make-up and great attitude.



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